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Sunday Blues, Monday Bruise

employment anxiety

In the years that I have spent in my office, I have been encouraged to keep my thoughts to myself.  Different jobs, different bosses. Some want to get to know you and some want to be sure you know who is in control.

People passed without a word as I became the human Skinner experiment. Take away light, laughter, and see what happens when we diminish a person’s innate spirit.

The other day, I spoke up, and invited one into my small office.

“All the way?”

‘Yes, if you want to see the adjoining office.’

Slowly, the entrance was made and quickly an exit was sought. “Freedom!” was the rejoinder and speeding down the hall, freedom was gained.

All this time, I thought they knew they were caging me and it meant that they liked turning the glass walls into bars. But, I had no idea that they considered me to be the animal as well.


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