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Depressives Post Challenge Question – Day 13

roller coaster

As someone created with many active pathways in the limbic system, my thoughts go round and round. Conversations and what-if conversations loop the loop in my imagination. But each hurt reverberates too.

This empathy and self awareness makes me want to reach out to others and communicate and educate the reality that many with a mood disorder face from those who choose to turn a blind eye. Then there are the bullies who verbally abuse someone who tries to be brave about their diagnosis.

The number of people suffering goes up daily and crosses so many other diagnoses that the brain chemistry tangles further and the solution, or mere attempts at controlling, can get lost in the haze of ordinary life.

Has being depressed, or suffering a mood disorder, made you more empathetic to others or hide deeper out of fear or anxiety?


One thought on “Depressives Post Challenge Question – Day 13

  1. Empathy only comes with the experience of standing in the other persons shoes as my mom once said. Life gets better every day if you truly believe it.

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