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Depressives Post Challenge Question of the Day ~ Day 7


The combination of medication and talk therapy has been touted as the most successful treatment for those with depression and other mood disorders.  Some doctors have expressed their beliefs that talk therapy can be the difference to tip the score for depressant-resistive patients.

I am very lucky to have a therapist I really like.  We share such similar philosophies about things that it is like speaking to a friend.  When things get difficult, I set up an appointment. I want her to use her professional eye and make sure I am doing ok.  She told me that I am one the sanest people she knows.  That’s a good thing!

However, medications can only come from those waving an M.D. and most particularly a Ph.D  There are brilliant doctors out there but we don’t always get to meet them. Firstly, very few accept insurance anymore since they do not want to deal with the bureaucracy of the health care system.

Some doctors have a G-d complex; literally, they expect you to do whatever they say because “I am the doctor.”  That is not helpful when each case is different.

I need to be heard! I have my three to five minutes in your office, after a two hour wait, and want to say how I feel, express my concerns and ask questions.

In the highly overloaded workload among the journey of mental illness,  some psychiatrists are better than others.  But so many of us are frustrated with our deepest anxieties, fears, tears, and phobias and cannot get the doctor to pay attention beyond taking copious notes for our files.

Does your psychiatrist listen to what you have to say? What would you say to your psychiatrist if you could?


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