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Depressives Post Challenge Question of the Day ~ Day 2

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The World Health Organization estimates that about 121 million people worldwide have some form of depression.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), about 14.8 million adult Americans experience clinical depression in any given year — or about 6.7 percent of the U.S. population over 18.

These are just the ones who may have received help or were logged in somewhere that could be used for data. This does not include children or others who have been misdiagnosed, ie. thyroid issues, or dual diagnoses that are being treated for addiction rather than the mental health component.

Yet, there is such stigma and such isolation. It rages inside and makes us want to scream in frustration and pain.

So, with all those people suffering and understanding the struggle, there are so many more who are afraid of it or pretend it does not exist.

Given all the evidence and anecdotal studies —-

Why does it make each of us feel so alone?


7 thoughts on “Depressives Post Challenge Question of the Day ~ Day 2

  1. And the absolute certainty of failure makes people feel that their own experience of depression is somehow less worthy of help or treatment. Depression makes it hard to reach out, and reaching out is the best way to avoid loneliness.

    • You sound so secure and confident. You make a very valid point. It is horrible for those who have a mood disorder and so dismissed by those who do not. With that kind of attitude, or the “Oh Yeah, you think you have it bad?” comparisons, it is not tempting to reach out. I find that in a group setting, I end up becoming a cheerleader for others. Then, I go home at night, and weep copiously.

      • Exactly. A friend of mine had a CPN come by and tell him all about his own problems, as if to make her feel that hers weren’t valid enough reasons to be depressed. I’ve had similar experiences, and when I am depressed, in the grip of it, I find it so, so difficult to reach out, both for fear of being dismissed and for fear I’ll be ridiculed by people who think I don’t have it “bad enough” to be “worthy”. It is easier, as you say, to champion others than it is to do the same for yourself…

      • You are very wise. Of course, that also means you had to experience so much to gain that kind of hard-won wisdom. Having to prove how depressed you are is exhausting itself!

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