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My Piece of Mind

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Some days the best you can say about the lessons you are supposed to be learning is that at least you don’t behave like that ass who made you feel bad for being you.

I don’t know why I dwell and obsess when I am supposed to be manifesting good things and reach for a thought that feels better.

Well, I am reaching and trying to draw my ragged thinking back to the things that are positive in this world. Then I spend time with people who have so much more than others and think they are entitled to be King.

What would freedom really feel like? An unchained mind that did not give a damn about anyone else’s crap and did not need approval from the disease to please. What if I really only had to worry about what to eat for lunch, or something that feels more immediate, less long term, and not enough to cause an anxiety attack or pounding headache?

Why am I spending my days surrounded by so much that is unloving and unkind? What would the freedom to walk away feel like — and all that I need to do it?

That is the kind of peace of mind the pieces of mind need.


3 thoughts on “My Piece of Mind

  1. I think part of the disease is concerning yourself with outside opinions, well it is for me. I hope you find that freedom you so desperately seek, I’m just finding it myself 🙂

  2. I did it out of desperation more than bravery but once you start letting things out, the flood gates are open! So so freeing, I hope you find the same peace 🙂

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