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Another Work Wizard with a Sabre of Threats

I have just spent another day at work with the Nike School of Management for direction.  What is that you ask? Just Do It. No questions, no support. Take this and Just Do It.

If you were a carpenter and I said just do it, no questions. Oh, and by the way, I am not going to give you any tools to do your job effectively. So, just hand back that hammer, saw and nails right now. No training you, Just Do It.

Why do people get into power and throw it around like the discus at the Olympics? Then, even though they have missed the mark by a mile, expect to have a crown of laurels place around their head and receive the roar of the crowd and cheering approval?

Just Do It. How should I phrase that skill on my resume?  I did not reach my goals. I have not achieved or completed tasks on time. Time – an arbitrary line on the horizon in which you will eat your lunch, go online, talk on the phone and brag about your management skills because your job is done.  You gave it to me and the blame is on me as an incapable person with a bad attitude when I say I cannot complete this with no questions or guidance.

You went to business school and graduated at the top of your class which is supposed to make you ready to go out into the world with your mad skills and run a corporation. Well, if you have no people skills, I don’t care how many clichés and metaphors you can throw around. Those studies and graphs? Useless. But if you get to have the job anyway, then it does not matter how you treat the people who work for you.

Just because someone handed you the Magic Wand and the Sabre of Threats does not make you a wizard. Work does not get done magically by cobbler elves leaving paperwork at your door in the morning.  If you really saw the faces and acknowledged all of the workers, then you would have to admit that you did not build the empire all on your own. Go ahead, Just Do It.  I bet that you cannot do it either.

What powerful and all-knowing wizardry at work did you see today?


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